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Handpainted Blue Clay Large Elegant Cat

Item # BCA04-3E-BOE

Handpainted Blue Clay Large Elegant Cat

Elegant blue clay cat figurine. A must for every cat lover! 10.5"x3.5" An original handpainted piece of folk pottery from the Rio Balsas region of Mexico, these uniquely painted pieces are created by the Nahua Indians living in small towns in the Balsas River basin. Sheltered from the outside world by the Southern Sierra Madre, their work is inspired by illuminated mountains in a landscape of never-ending spectacle that is constantly changing. All of the pieces, except the masks, bells, angels and horses, are made in gypsum molds and then fired in old-fashioned wood burners. After firing, the pieces are polished and painted with very fine brushes and acrylic paints. Each piece is signed by its creator. As every family develops its own style, the pieces are one-of-a-kind as they reflect not only the whims of the individual artist but the overall style of his or her hometown. Each piece of pottery comes with a small story card.
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